What’s at stake

​​Below, you’ll find all the ways a senseless ban on natural gas will impact you, your family and your business.

Increased costs in an already unaffordable city

​Not only will utilities increase, so will the cost of rent, home renovations and new buildings. ​​​​

Meaning the average family will face up to $1,500 more per year in energy costs alone.

Barriers for Vancouver’s vibrant restaurant, craft brewery, and outdoor entertainment culture

Nearly all of Vancouver’s restaurants and craft breweries rely on natural gas to cook their food, brew their beer, and heat their buildings & patios – not to mention residents’ own homes, patios, barbecues, gas ranges and more. ​​

​​We’re already known as the “No Fun City” – why make it even harder for Vancouverites to eat, drink & entertain in the city we all love?

​​Loss of local jobs for Vancouverites and across B.C.

Thousands of good-paying jobs are at risk, from fireplace manufacturers to barbecue retailers to gas fitters and everything in between. ​​ ​​

Hurting local small business hurts Vancouver’s economy – this is bad for businesses and bad for residents.

Keep the pressure on! Say no to restricting energy choice in Vancouver!

Save My Natural Gas is a coalition of concerned residents and small business owners across Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland. We are focused on: raising awareness of the importance of energy choice and urging the City of Vancouver to engage in meaningful community consultation on energy choices.