How will Vancouver’s expensive ban on natural gas affect you and your family this winter?

Here are the facts: Your home heating costs will go up, your gas fireplace and stove may be at risk, and your local restaurants and breweries are facing threats to their business.

Keep scrolling to see how Mayor Gregor Robertson and the City of Vancouver’s expensive gas ban will impact you, your family and your business.


Do you like to keep your home warm in the winter?

Thanks to City Hall’s expensive gas ban, you could pay $1,500 more a year in heating bills.

Can you afford that?

Planning on sitting in front of a cozy fireplace this holiday season?

Your fireplace is at risk. The City of Vancouver wants to ban natural gas fireplaces and stoves in family homes.

It’s your home, shouldn’t it be your choice?

Making holiday dinner plans out with friends and family?

Vancouver’s expensive gas ban is threatening restaurants and breweries that need natural gas for their heated patios and stoves.

Why is City Hall making it harder for them to do business?

Keep the pressure on! Say no to restricting energy choice in Vancouver!

Save My Natural Gas is a coalition of concerned residents and small business owners across Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland. We are focused on: raising awareness of the importance of energy choice and urging the City of Vancouver to engage in meaningful community consultation on energy choices.