It's your home. It's your business. It's your lifestyle. Shouldn't it be your choice?

Did you know Mayor Gregor Robertson and the City of Vancouver have implemented plans to start aggressively restricting natural gas in Vancouver? ​​ The City of Vancouver is trying to hide its plans in multiple, misleading, and confusing policies.​​ Don’t be fooled.

​​Here’s how the City of Vancouver’s policies will impact you, your family and your business:

Increased costs in an already unaffordable city

Barriers for Vancouver’s vibrant restaurant, craft brewery, and outdoor entertainment culture

​​Loss of local jobs for Vancouverites and across B.C.

Mayor Gregor Robertson's ban on natural gas could cost your family $1,500 per year.



​​The Mayor and City’s policies have gone too far, too fast - and they haven’t consulted those who are most impacted - residents, local business owners, manufacturers, chefs, and brewmasters.

Tell Mayor Gregor Robertson and City Hall #NoGasBan in Vancouver!

Save My Natural Gas is a coalition of concerned residents and small business owners across Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland. We are focused on: raising awareness of this important issue; urging the City of Vancouver to engage in meaningful community consultation on energy choices; and encouraging the City to reconsider its costly and impractical ban on natural gas.